Opening Day for Cassie Beauty Spot
Monday 20th April 2015

I am so very, very excited to be opening my very own space for my services at Cassie Beauty Spot and I am so very thankful for all the ongoing support by all who have been behind the scenes helping me make this happen.

I am proud to say that every image that you do see on my website CASSIE BEAUTY SPOT is completely and utterly my hair styling, make-up artistry and cosmetic tattoo.

You will find me at 1842 Lower Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads, upstairs from Get Smart Hair Body & Soul – Simply enter through the hair salon below. There's a lovely private air conditioned waiting room upstairs where you will find my price list and many information brochures to have a look at. They give you an insight into the services I offer and my 19 years of experience within the professional beauty and hair industry.

Be your own kind of Beautiful
— Cassie Beauty Spot

Wake up with make-up – Be your own kind of Beautiful.

You can choose from

  • Eye brow hair stoke or some may know it as feathering.
  • Brow shading.
  • Eye liner top and/or bottom.
  • Eye lash line top and/or bottom.
  • Lip line and/or lip line & blend.
  • Beauty spot

It's all on the Cassie Beauty Spot website – click on this link to discover more about cosmetic tattoo procedure, before and after examples and aftercare.

For all occasions and styles.

Whether it's for your wedding day, editorial shoot, special occasion, school formal, red carpet event, television show and/or even a lesson for yourself or business – There is a lovely gallery of bridal images and red carpet glamour styling on my website.

Flaunt those windows to your soul.

Compliment your lashes and brows to save time on make-up, while creating more depth to your most important features. Check out the lash and brow tint and shape package.

It is my aim to bring out the best in everyone's features, to enhance their natural beauty and help them shine. My vision for the future is for each of us to realise that we are all beautiful in our own way.

Click onto my new and amazing website – It's totally full of beautiful images and information. It is so easily read and detailed with all the answers to your questions. I am so very proud to share it with you all.

Please let me know what you think...