I have a passion for hair styling – feeling more and more inspired by all the possibilities and looks that are just awaiting discovery. With the clever use of hair padding, it is now easier to achieve greater dimension, height and drama to your hair style. For just a little extra, all looks are possible. If you can imagine it, we can create it for you.

Ted Grambeau Photography | Model: Madison

Ted Grambeau Photography | Model: Madison

With events like the Oscars and the latest celebrity wedding, it's easy to see what styles are trending. I like to stay current, especially with school formals and graduations just around the corner. Even with years of curling and twirling hair, I still enjoy the many hours spent perfecting these stunning hair styles, from innovative and unique long hair styles, stunning brides and the red carpet glamour look. It's my professional commitment to you.

Trials are the most fantastic way for both of us to create your ideal hair style and are an inhouse service, upstairs at Cassie Beauty Spot. We like to create a unique look that will reflect your personality, enhance your natural beauty and ensure that you will look stunning and suggest you check out our pinterest boards for inspiration.

By following the trial, booking, deposit and final payment steps outlined in our Terms & Conditions we are then able to ensure you are looking your very best at your special event.