You want to look stunning for your school formal, graduation or for that glamorous event, so you need the perfect dress and accessories to match. It's an important night for you and your friends, with professional photo's and all those Instagram shots you need to get, so we want you to be looking fantastic for the camera.

Ted Grambeau Photography | Model: Madison

Ted Grambeau Photography | Model: Madison

There are many who do it, some are good at it and others live for it. As you may have guessed, I LOVE IT. I have been living it, teaching it, sharing it and doing it 'Make-up Artistry & Hair Styling' for my entire career. The process of defining the best look for your face is always an exciting part of the journey. 

Let's talk about your make-up look, your eyes, brows, lashes, foundation, cheeks and lips. Helping you look your best is what we do best. We specialise in creating your individual look, whether it be smokey smudge dark eyes and soft lips or defined black eye liner and ruby red lips. It's such great fun to discover how stunning you can look with professional make-up artistry and hair styling. 

At Cassie Beauty Spot we offer all the services you need to create your complete look. You can achieve those perfectly sculpted brows, extra long lashes, and the most stunning hair style for your special night. Be it short or long, up or down, messy or smooth, your locks need to be looking amazing as they compliment and help define your individual look and style. 

Trials are the most fantastic way for both of us to create your ideal hair and make-up style and are an inhouse service, upstairs at Cassie Beauty Spot. We like to create a unique look that will reflect your personality, enhance your natural beauty and ensure that you will look stunning.

You may want to coordinate your trial for the same time as another special event or night out that you have planned. Remember to mention this fact when you're making your appointment, as we will try our best to make your preference for your trial time.

  • We suggest you allow 1.5 hours per person for your make-up trial and the same again for your hair style trial (one style/per person/per session). Trial times take a little longer than on the actual day/afternoon of your special event. 
  • You are more than welcome to bring one person (only one) along with you to the trial. Someone special you trust that will give you honest feedback and help you make your final decision, maybe mum, sister or best friend. It's such a fun time and a great chance to take some photos.

On the day, we create your glamour hair & make-up style inhouse, upstairs at Cassie Beauty Spot. 

By following the trial, booking, deposit and final payment steps outlined in our terms & conditions we are then able to ensure you are looking your very best for your special event.